Welcome to SpiceyPy’s documentation!


SpiceyPy is a python wrapper for the SPICE Toolkit. SPICE provides access and tools to interact with planetary and spacecraft ephemeris and ancillary engineering information. Please visit the NAIF website for more details about SPICE.

IMPORTANT: The code is provided “as is”, use at your own risk.

Citing SpiceyPy

If you are publishing work that uses SpiceyPy, please cite SpiceyPy and the SPICE toolkit. SpiceyPy can be cited using the JOSS DOI (https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02050) or with the following:

Annex et al., (2020). SpiceyPy: a Pythonic Wrapper for the SPICE Toolkit. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(46), 2050, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02050

Instructions for how to cite the SPICE Toolkit are available on the NAIF website:

To cite information about SpiceyPy usage statistics, please cite my 2017 and or 2019 abstracts as appropriate below:

Documentation Overview

This is the documentation for SpiceyPy. The documentation for each function in the wrapper is in large part copied from the “Abstract” and “Brief_I/O” sections of the corresponding CSPICE function documentation. Each wrapper function has a link back to the corresponding original CSPICE function documentation hosted at the NAIF website. For more in-depth information about SPICE, please visit the NAIF website or click here to view the entire CSPICE documentation.

The intent of the function doc-strings is to serve only as a quick reference to what the parameter’s expected types are for the purpose of getting started with the wrapper. As each function has a link to the CSPICE documentation for that function, more detailed explanations are deferred to the NAIF via those links.


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